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Great tips for finishing your UFOs: Includes FREE Block Pattern

Great tips for finishing your UFOs: Includes FREE Block Pattern

For the past few weeks, I've been working on my unfinished quilt projects aka UFOs. I gave myself an official UFO challenge. I decided to share some of my tips for starting your own UFO challenge and finally getting your unfinished projects done.

1. Get everything out in the open.

Pull out all of your UFOs, and I mean all of them! Lay them out and review exactly what you're dealing with.

2. Weed out the rejects.

Look at each UFO and decide which ones you'll keep and which ones you can part with. Some UFOs are UFOs for a reason. Maybe the colours are wrong, the pattern is boring, or the workmanship is poor. Don't spend precious sewing time on projects that don't thrill you. If a project doesn't make the grade, let it go. Use it for a scrap quilt or give it away.

3. Store each UFO where you can see it.

After you've sorted out your projects, store them where you can see them. I use clear plastic 12" x 12" scrapbook bins that I buy at Michael's. I prefer to use see-through bins so I can see my project at a glance. You could also use those clear bags that you get with new sheets. Also, Ziploc makes a really nice storage bag that would be perfect for storing projects. 

Quilting Project Bins
Project bins for my UFOs
(12" x 12" scrapbooking bins from Michaels)

4. Buy what you need to finish each project.

Write down a list of items that you'll need to complete each UFO. Check if you need thread, fabric, quilt backing, etc. and take a shopping trip to pick these things up. After you get your supplies put them in the project bins. If you get your supplies ahead of time everything will be ready for you when you start. You also won't be tempted to put the project aside again until you get to the fabric store.

5. Start with easiest first.

Start with the easy projects first and work your way up to the ones that need more attention. I find starting with the less demanding UFOs keeps me motivated.

6. Do a little each day

There's no need to overwhelm yourself. Even if it's only 15 or 30 minutes, work on your project every day. You'll be amazed at how much you can get done in a short time. Try setting goals for yourself to finish something each day.

Binding made and ready to quilt.

Download FREE Little UFO quilt block

Jam Pantry Wall Quilt: Free Pattern

Get a taste of something sweet with this pretty Jam Jar wall quilt. It would be perfect in a kitchen nook. I wanted my pantry to have a vintage feel, so I used a medium floral print in the background for "wallpaper." I think this adds interest to the design. I also took away a few jars to break up the rhythm and showcase the floral wallpaper. This pantry is stocked with my favourite jams, but there are many cool foodie fabrics that would work great for this quilt. Choosing the fabrics is half the fun.

Finished Block:  6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm)

Jam jar labels are included with the Jam Pantry quilt pattern

A Little Crazy Mug Rug: Free Pattern

This charming A Little Crazy mug rug is a foundation pieced design inspired by the crazy quilt. It measures 10 x 7½ inches. I love the oval shape and the fussy cut center adds an interesting focal point. The piece is quilted with decorative machine stitching to mimic crazy quilt embroidery. This would be a fun and fast project for anyone new to foundation paper piecing.

Pattern includes instructions for how to do a fussy cut, with template included, and how to cut foundation fabric pieces accurately.

The print fabrics I used are from the Garden Party collection by Tea & Sympathy. The yellow fabric is Henna Mustard Seed from the Eden collection by Tula Pink.

A Little Crazy Mug Rug - detail

Checkerboard Scrap Mini Quilt: FREE Pattern

This stash buster is well suited for beginners or anyone who might need a quick gift. You can use the combination of light and dark fabrics or mix it up with a variety of scraps. Instructions are given for light/dark checkerboard. This pattern would be perfect for a young quilter's first project.

Many Moons: Free Pattern

This modern drunkard's path pattern was made with my own ice dyed cotton. I titled it Many Moons because the colours and textures of the fabric reminded me of the moon's surface, and the pattern is laid out similar to a moon cycle chart. The moon is also considered to be the symbol for women.

This was my first try at the Drunkard's Path block. I avoided this block because of the curves, but once I did a few, I got the hang of it. Below are links to get this free pattern, instructions for ice dying and a video on a simple technique to sew accurate curves for this block. (I wish I'd seen this video before I made this quilt).

Glue basting?? 
Fons & Porter video demonstrating the glue basting technique for drunkard path blocks.