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Butterfly Garden Quilt Block Pattern

Spring can never come soon enough. Until it arrives, this pretty paper pieced Butterfly Garden block is bound to cheer you up. The finished block is 12" x 12" and the paper piece butterfly center block measures 7" x 7" when finished.

This is a very versatile block. It would make a lovely pillow for a sunroom or a girl's bedroom.

Create a pretty wall hanging for your spring décor or a sweet placemat.

Krazy Kites Quilt Block

This fun kites quilt block is a great stash buster for all those pretty scraps you've been hanging on to. For good contrast, I used multiple creams and beige scraps for the background, which makes the colours really pop. I like the block without embellishing, but if you like to embroider, you can add tails.

Krazy Kites Quilt Block by Monica Curry

This block makes a great summer themed pillow. I think it would also be stunning as a baby blanket or a wall quilt with embroidered tales.

kites quilt block pattern quilt

Autumn Star Quilt Block - FREE Download

Designed for the beautiful colours of autumn, the Autumn Star quilt block is stunning. I created my sample using batik and hand-dyed fabrics. This block would be nice in any fabric, but I really like it with batiks.

Autumn Star Quilt Block by Monica Curry
Autumn Star Quilt Block by Monica Curry

Autumn Star quilt idea
Autumn Star quilt idea

Blue Frost Quilt Block Pattern

The cold Canadian winters can be trying, but they can also beautiful. When conditions are right, ice crystals form on the tree branches (called hoar frost) and it's a sight to see; it's truly magical. And in the sunlight, the snow takes on a gorgeous blue cast.

My favourite thing about this block is that it's Jelly Roll friendly. The strips required are 2-1/2 inches wide. So, if you have any Jelly Roll scraps hanging around, this could be the block for you. It's quick to make and a great project for quilters new to foundation paper piecing.

Blue Frost Quilt Block

Blue Frost Quilt Block by Monica Curry

Make Perfect Pinwheels Every Time!

I love the pinwheel block. It’s a timeless classic that can easily be incorporated into traditional as well as modern quilt designs, but piecing all those little triangles is a pain. Below is a quick method for making any size Pinwheel block you need.


Note: The finished block size is the size of the block after the quilt is finished.
  1. Determine the finished block size, e.g. 6 inches
  2. Divide the finished block size by 1.41. (6 ÷ 1.41 = 4.25)
  3. Add this result to 0.875 (4.25 + 0.875 = 5.13)
  4. Round up the above result to the nearest 0.125 inches. (5.13 + 0.125 = 5.25")
  5. The parent size squares will be 5.25"
  6. Square up your block to the correct unfinished size (finished size plus 1/2")