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A Taste of Honey Placemat Pattern: Honouring our precious pollinators

Who doesn't love the sweet taste of honey? These stylish and modern hexagon placemats showcase the Bee Creative and Bee Inspired fabric collections by Deb Strain. But no matter what colours you use, these placemats are sure to make a statement. A Taste of Honey Placemats BUY NOW I love the quilting on the back. It reminds me of sacred geometry . OUR HONEY BEES ARE IN DANGER! After being here for thousands of years, their population is declining and one species of bee is on the  endangered list . It’s scary to imagine what would happen if all our honey bees were gone. Most of our non-grain foods are dependent on honey bee pollination. There are 90 different food plants that depend almost exclusively on the honey bee. When my husband and I heard several years ago that the bee population was declining, we planted more flowers and plants that would attract and feed them. Also, we use only non-toxic, natural pesticides. Photo by Monica Curry Here are five thi