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Kandinsky Revisited: Inspiration for a new art quilt

When I was an art student, I became fascinated by the art of   Wassily Kandinsky . I loved his playfulness with shapes and colour. I also saw that his style would translate very well into quilt applique and created this art quilt below. Mystic Bird Art Quilt by Monica Curry  Untitled (Kandinsky Inspired) by Monica Curry I've recently been wanting to try something different, so I thought I'd revisit my Kandinsky phase; I'm glad I did. Recently, I found other quilts inspired by Kandinsky and discovered Kandinsky quilts are quite a thing in the quilting world. Below are a few examples of the Kandinsky quilts I found recently. You can see that Kandinsky's art translates extremely well into art quilts. If you want some inspiration for your own Kandinsky quilt, check out wassily where you'll find a catalogue of Kandinsky's artwork. The Vision of Kandinsky quilt pattern is one of three patterns by quilter a

Spirit Dancers Art Quilt

This is my art quilt Spirit Dancers . I created this piece for a local art show called Stone Age . It was the first art show I'd been in, so I was pretty excited. I think my piece was the only fabric art in the show. I sold the piece quickly and then received a call from the gallery curator. Someone from Australia also wanted one before they flew back home. I then had to rush around to make a duplicate. I was lucky to still have some of the hand-dyed fabric I used. Monica at the Stone Age art show with her fabric art Spirit Dancers  

Use fabric scraps for mixed media art

Sister Moon by Monica Curry Untitled  by Monica Curry Are you looking for ways to use up small fabric scraps that are too small for anything? I discovered a fun way to do this by making what I call scrap sandwiches. It's not a new concept, but I couldn't find any good tutorials for it, so I decided to make my own instructions. I’ll sometimes spend an afternoon making these. It’s a fun and mindless project that produces interesting and beautiful textures and colour combinations that can be incorporated into your art quilts or mixed media projects. I’ve used them for quilt art postcards, makeup bags, and book covers. Fabric sandwiches were incorporated into my art quilt Mother Ship that's on the Fall 2012 Quilting Arts Magazine cover in Fall 2012. YOU WILL NEED Fabric scraps. Lightweight muslin or any lightweight non-stretchy fabric cut to 9 x 12 inches. One piece of tulle cut to 11 x 14 inches. Thread Pins Sewing machine While working on a project, I throw my fabric s

Picasso inspired art quilts

The Psychic by Monica Curry The Dream Diary by Monica Curry