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How to Raise Your Cutting Table to Reduce Back Strain

When I worked as a graphic designer, I sat for long hours at the computer. It was easy to get lost in my work and not pay attention to my body. I paid the price, however, because this caused me to suffer from back pain for years. So, when I started quilting more, it became clear that I needed an ergonomically friendly cutting table. There were several options available to me, but I opted to buy the Linnmon/Finvard table from Ikea. This Ikea table height can be adjusted to several heights with a "peg-in-the-hole system." This table was a great buy, but there are other ways to get a raised table without putting out a lot of cash.   Linnmon/Finvard adjustable worktable from Ikea. HOW TO RAISE YOUR CUTTING TABLE TO REDUCE BACK STRAIN (Updated July 5, 2018) FIRST FIND THE CORRECT TABLE HEIGHT FOR YOU Measure from the floor to about 6 inches below your elbow. This will give you the proper table height for your height. 1.  FOLD-AWAY TABLE AND PVC PIPE You can make most a

My favourite foundation piecing papers

Anyone who has done foundation paper piecing (FPP) knows how frustrating and tedious it is when struggling with bad piecing paper. I've tried most every FPP on the market. I've also tried various tissue papers, tracing papers, parchment paper, copy papers, phone book paper ... well, you get the picture. After all my research, my favourite FPPs are Fun-dation and Sulky Tear Away Stabilizer. Because I do a lot of FPP for my designs, I was excited to see Fun-dation  brand piecing paper go on sale recently at  for $5 CDN. I ordered five packages. A package has 25 sheets. I'm glad I ordered when I did because the price went back up to $7.69 CDN (which is still not too bad). Fun-dation  brand FPP is the best I've used. It tears away beautifully, it's translucent enough for fabric placement, and it prints well; I love this stuff. One package of Fun-dation  works out to about 0.31 cents a sheet.  Fun-dation Foundation Piecing Paper Another very go