22 Apr 2022

Make Super Easy Checkerboard Blocks - SCRAP BUSTER!


I discovered this technique for making scrap checkerboard blocks several years ago. I used it to make my grand-niece a doll quilt (above). With these few easy steps, the results are so worth it. When you're finished, every square will be aligned perfectly and you'll have a strong base to join the blocks so they won't stretch out of shape. 

Finished Block Size: 9 inches (4 cm)

1. First, you'll need a non-woven, light weight, single-sided fusible interfacing. I purchased this very inexpensive one on Amazon.

Non-woven, light weight, single-sided fusible interfacing

2. Cut [18] 2 inch (5 cm) colour squares and [18] 2 inch (5 cm) light colour squares.

3. Cut [1] 13" x 13" (31 cm x 31 cm) square of interfacing.

4. Place squares 1/2" from edges on the adhesive side of interfacing. Butt together the squares as shown below alternating between light and dark colours.

All squares placed on interfacing.

5. Cover the squares with a pressing cloth and press with a hot iron to adhere squares to the interfacing.

6. Fold first row over and sew a 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat this until all the rows are stitched.

7. Your first set of rows will look like this.

8. To open each seam, trim a scant amount at the edge of each row and press to open.

Vertical row pressed open.

9. Stitch the horizontal rows and trim seams the same as you did with the vertical rows.

10. Press down all your seams. This is what your stitched squares will look like from behind.

11. Press block and square up if necessary. You can see how precisely the squares are lined up.

If you need help organizing your scraps before you start, go to my posts below:


  1. Absolutely amazing!!!

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