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How to sort and cut scraps for nine-patch blocks

SORTING & CUTTING YOUR SCRAPS FOR 9-PATCH BLOCKS A year ago, I posted a tutorial for sorting fabric scraps. I decided to supplement that post with a quick tutorial for cutting fabric scrap squares for 9-patch blocks. Because of their versatility, 9-patch blocks are great for making scrap quilts. Below are only a few 9-patch blocks you can make with scraps. YOU WILL NEED A good assortment of quilt cotton fabric scraps Iron and ironing board Rotary cutter (have fresh blades available) 6" x 12" and/or 8" x 8" quilt ruler 4. Before cutting squares, stack several pieces and line up the top right corner.  INSTRUCTIONS 1. Separate your scraps into individual colours: yellow, orange, purple, red, etc. This is a very important step. You don't want to have to sort little 2-inch squares by colour, trust me! 2. Sort scraps by size. 3. Press all the scraps before cutting. A quick way to do this is to layer about 4 to 6 pieces and steam press. 4. Before cutting squares,