21 Oct 2017

How to Resize Quilt Blocks and Patterns

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Quilt patterns can come in many sizes. But what if the size of the pattern isn't the size you want? Maybe you want a throw instead of a mini quilt or a baby quilt instead of a king-size. To resize your pattern or block, you need to know the percentage to reduce or enlarge the pattern templates. Read below to learn three easy ways to get the percentage you need to resize templates.


Below is the very simple formula to get the percentage for reducing or enlarging.


Measure the shortest length of the original block size? e.g. 6 inches
What size do you want the new block to be? e.g. 8 inches
Divide the new size by the original size, e.g. 8 ÷ 6 = 1.33.
Move the decimal point two steps to the right to get your percentage = 133%.
Enter 133% into the copy machine to enlarge your 6-inch block to an 8-inch block. 


Do the opposite of above.
Divide the small size (e.g. 6") by the large size (e.g. 8") to get your reduction
percentage, e.g. 6 ÷ 8 = 0.75 = 75% reduction. 

Proportional Scales may look a bit intimidating at first but they're easy to use.
You can buy a Proportional Scale for quilters HERE.

How To Use a Proportional Scale
  1. On the bottom wheel, find the original size of your block (e.g. 6"), [Fig 1].
  2. Line up this number with the new size (e.g. 8") on the top wheel, [Fig 1].
  3. In the window, you'll see the percentage of the reduction or enlargement you need to resize your block, [Fig 2]. 
Note: The math formula and proportional scale results may be off a tiny bit. This is okay.

Figure 1

Figure 2

  1. Download my enlargement and reduction charts to find the percentages you need at a glance. Download PDF
  2. Find the original measurement on the left side of the chart.
  3. Go along that row until you get to the measurement you want on the top row.
  4. The number in the intersecting box is the percentage you'll need to reduce or enlarge your block

4 Oct 2017

Halloween Decor 2017: Beautiful Halloween wreath

A couple of years ago I posted a Halloween floral arrangement that I made for my home. This year, I made a Halloween wreath for my front door. I turn 60 this October and I love Halloween, so I'm having a birthday/Halloween party for my big day. I wanted a pretty wreath on the door to greet my guests. I saw some beautiful wreaths on Pinterest with skulls and ghoulish stuff, but I wanted a floral wreath. Everything I used to make this wreath is from the dollar store. It cost about $15 to make which proves you don't need a lot of money to pretty up your home for Halloween.  Happy Halloween one and all!

Floral Halloween wreath by Monica Curry