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How to Make Flange Quilt Binding

I love flange quilt binding. It gives quilts an elegant and finished look. I don't use it on all my projects, but sometimes a quilt needs that extra pop. Flange binding takes a little extra work, but it's well worth the effort when you see the finished result. I made the following tutorial as comprehensive as possible and hope it will help you give flange binding a try. INSTRUCTIONS 1) CALCULATE THE LENGTH OF BINDING YOU WILL NEED FOR YOUR QUILT EXAMPLE: Finished quilt size = 54" × 60" (54" × 2) + (60" × 2) + 10" = 238" (10" extra is added for finishing the binding).  (238" ÷ 36") = 6.6 yards You will need 6.6 ≈ 7 yards of binding for a 54" × 60" finished quilt.  2) WIDTHS TO CUT FOR FLANGE AND MAIN COLOUR STRIPS Decide on a binding width and refer to the chart below to get the correct overall strip width for that binding. Important Note: When choosing a binding width, keep in mind your batting loft thickness. Using