23 Feb 2016

Make Perfect Pinwheels Every Time!

I love the pinwheel block. It’s a timeless classic that can easily be incorporated into traditional as well as modern quilt designs, but piecing all those little triangles is a pain. Below is a quick method for making any size Pinwheel block you need.


Note: The finished block size is the size of the block after the quilt is finished.
  1. Determine the finished block size, e.g. 6 inches
  2. Divide the finished block size by 1.41. (6 ÷ 1.41 = 4.25)
  3. Add this result to 0.875 (4.25 + 0.875 = 5.13)
  4. Round up the above result to the nearest 0.125 inches. (5.13 + 0.125 = 5.25")
  5. The parent size squares will be 5.25"
  6. Square up your block to the correct unfinished size (finished size plus 1/2")


    10 Feb 2016

    Wonky Beach House Mug Rug

    Wow! Mug rugs are just flying out of my studio these days. I have them all over the house and my husband is still not sure what the heck they are, ha! I love this Wonky Beach House mug rug and the striped "ticking" fabric gives it a very casual "beachy" feel.

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    7 Feb 2016

    Purple Coneflower Mug Rug

    I think this is one of my prettiest mug rugs so far. The inspiration for this piece came from a photo I took of the Purple Coneflowers in our garden a few years ago. Purple is one of my favourite colours, so I really enjoyed designing and making this one.

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    Purple Coneflower quilted Mug Rug pattern

    purple coneflower garden photo

    1 Feb 2016

    Urban Pathway Table Runner Pattern

    Let's take a stroll down the avenue. This stylish Urban Pathway table runner pattern is simple and elegant. The clean lines showcase beautiful art deco inspired fabrics.
    Urban Pathway Table Runner

    I designed Urban Pathway for our new coffee table and finished it this weekend. The fabric, Modern Deco by Jane Spoler, has a sleek and modern art deco theme.

    modern deco collection by jane spolar

    I love the Art Deco period, so I immediately fell in love with this fabric and kept the block design simple to showcase it. What is Art Deco? Think of The Great Gatsby, the Empire State Building in New York, and the Roaring 20s.

    urban pathway table runner full view